Tim Engelhardt

I create works of art in an effort to uniquely and authentically communicate my story and all of its influences to the viewer. The work I do is built on the exploration of emotional and physical responses to environments and experiences in my life. In the same way that I grow and change as a human being, so does my work. I think of my paintings as a journal tirelessly struggling to remain honest and sincere.

The work I do in studio is built around how I want to feel. Light is used to represent the hope of something better. I build over and around that light creating the impression that there is an "end" but that there is also a path that needs taken to get there. I use pallet knives and old credit cards to manipulate and build texture. My color pallet is all over the map with no plan laid out. Colors are as likely to be mixed on the canvas as they are on whatever I am using for a pallet. Never one for contentment, I continue to expand my style. I believe an artists work should reflect the growth and evolution of the artist. The influence of artists such as Van Gough, Paul Klee and J.M.W. Turner, to name a few, often impacts the way I approach my work. At times I can see the influence of all three in just one of my paintings. 

 I often have an final piece in mind when beginning a painting and it rarely ends the way I thought it would. The process of creating is what is most interesting to me. Each painting is personal yet I am not attached to the work. 

In contrast to my studio work, the work I do as a muralist is all over the place. I create what the client wants in whatever style I think will work best. I enjoy challenging myself and often find that I question the style I used for a particular mural. In the end, I am usually happy with the work I have created. I am influenced by street artists as well as realists and illustrators. Painting murals gives me the chance to not get personal with my work. The representations are plain and self evident. 

As an artist I want to tell a story. The story I tell may not be the one that the viewer sees but if it is a story that is authentic I believe it will and does resinate with the viewer. I seek to create balance in the midst of chaos and that is a theme that so many of us can relate to. In that, I think my work is somewhat unique and connecting.